Sex strategies in insects

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Sex strategies in insects

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Shuster S.M., Wade, M.J. (2003): Mating Systems and Strategies. Princeton University Press. Reichard U.H, Boesch C. (2003): Monogamy: Mating Strategies and Partnerships in Birds, Humans and Other Mammals.


et PhDr. Vojtěch Suk, his life and work in the context of development of Czech and world anthropology (R. Pilařová), funeral rite in Central European Area in the 16 iology.pdf

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Bednářová A., Krishnan N., Cheng I.C., Večeřa J., Lee H.J., Kodrík D. (2013) Adipokinetic hormone counteracts oxidative stress elicited in insects by hydrogen peroxide: in vivo and in vitro study . Physiol.

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Animal sexual behaviour, Animal husbandry, Evolution of sex, Breeding in the wild, Breeding season, Lordosis behavior, Mate choice copying, Mating system, Reproduction, Sex determination system, Sexual conflict, Human mating.

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Strategies of plants in protection against elevated UV-B and visible light stress:


Sex ration theory in Hymenoptera and the reality. Conflicts within colony and their solutions; sex allocation policing. Sex manipulation. Evolution of monogynous and polygynous colonies. Role of sexes.

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description_catalog. Wildlife: Butterflies, Other Insects Spiders. Ethical Issues: Prostitution Sex Industry. Numeracy Strategies Study Learning Skills: General. Animals Nature In Art (still Life, Landscapes Seascapes, Etc)

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nesting is the most common life strategy of bees in these groups, thus their ethology is similar. Hocking, B. Sharplin, C.D. (1965). Flower basking by Arctic insects. Nature 206: 215. sex and altitude.

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2009-2011-Participation in the project "Predator avoidance strategies in early life stages of percid fishes" (Grant Agency of CR) awarded to Dr. Martin Čech. Peterka J. (2005). Sex kam oko pohlédne. Potápění 3: 44-47.